Digital Inclusion Grants – Grant Round Open

17 Oct 2021

A new grant round offering up to $15,000 per grant has been launched to support short-term projects that improve digital inclusion for South Australians on low incomes.

Digital technology has become an essential part of life, work, learning, accessing essential services and family and social connection and this new opportunity is responding to the fact that not everyone can access and use technology and the internet to enhance and improve their daily lives.

Digital Inclusion Grants

We are inviting applications for grants of up to $15,000 to improve digital inclusion for South Australians on low incomes.

This grant could be designed to complement initiatives already in place.

It is intended that funded projects will be short term. The outcomes will help to inform Wyatt’s ongoing strategy to support South Australians experiencing poverty or inequality to successfully engage with digital technology.

Who can apply?

Applications are invited from individuals or groups, with a registered ABN, working in community to improve digital inclusion for South Australians on low incomes.

In your application, we’ll ask you to address the following points:

  • Tell us about your community, who are you aiming to assist with the grant
  • What barriers are they facing to digital inclusion?
  • What resources, supports or opportunities would address these barriers?
  • How will this grant complement other programs or services being offered around digital inclusion?
  • How many people in your community would you expect to be assisted by this grant?
  • How will you measure and report change in regard to digital inclusion experienced by the individuals this grant assists?

Applications need to meet the following criteria:

  • Approved grants must directly benefit people in South Australia experiencing inequality or financial disadvantage in your community, particularly in relation to digital inclusion.
  • A focus on reflection and learning, including outcomes for individuals in your community.
  • Process to ensure that participants meet Wyatt eligibility (residents of South Australia for at least five years and low-income), and that reporting is acquitted to named individuals (consent forms will be provided)

Applications close 5pm, 12 November 2021.  Applicants will be notified early December 2021 and funded projects completed end of March 2022.

  1. Preview and plan your application

  2. Cost out your project

  3. Submit online  (or type:

  4. Video tutorial and trouble shooting here

If you are encountering issues with the system please contact the Grant Toolbox helpline 1300 382 391.

Should digital access be limited for you, please use this Application Form and email or post to:

The Wyatt Trust

161 Frome St,

Adelaide SA 5000



Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or need application assistance. Phone: 8224 0074




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