Direct Grants

Partnering with specialist programs to provide client-determined direct grants.

Wyatt's Direct Grants relieve financial pressure and stress associated with a financial or housing need that's unable to be met by an individual at that point in time.

In partnership with holistic, client-centred services, a grant can provide the space needed to allow a person to look beyond an immediate challenge, while increasing their ability to address other, often more complex, issues contributing to the experience of financial hardship or potential poverty.

Direct Grants applications are only open to clients of nominated Financial Counselling or Housing related services across South Australia. A Homelessness Case Manager or Financial Counsellor from a nominated service may explore a grant application with you as a client, along with advocacy, concessions, waivers and other options.

For assessment for a referral to a specialised homeless service contact Homelessness Connect SA. To access other support for yourself or someone you know, start with the National Debt Helpline to connect with relevant services or information.

If you are looking for immediate response, there are organisations who may be able to provide some financial assistance such as food vouchers, chemist vouchers, help towards the cost of bills or material help. Affordable SA is a community resource to find local programs.

Bill Cossey AM Grants Program

The Bill Cossey AM Grants Program is administered by Wyatt on behalf of the Adelaide Benevolent Society in line with the Direct Grants program

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