Standing with Bushfire-Impacted Communities

23 Jan 2020

Like all South Australians, at The Wyatt Trust our thoughts have been with the bushfire-impacted communities here and across the country. We know that while the immediate threat is past for some areas, and other communities remain at risk, the road to recovery will be long and require sustained support and energy.

There have been many announcements of funding and relief measures for those impacted by the bushfires and these are welcomed. As individual’s and community’s immediate emergency needs are met, The Wyatt Trust is considering how we can best meet the medium to longer-term needs of those South Australians who are rebuilding after this disaster.

With a legacy of over 130 years, The Wyatt Trust understands the challenges people face. In response to the recent bushfires we will walk with our fellow community members to offer our support where we can to rebuild hope and livelihoods.

Please check our website for future updates on our bushfire response.

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