Reconciliation news

20 Dec 2021

As we near the Christmas break, we reflect on our reconciliation intentions and practice to share what we have been up to over the past six months, and what we have planned for the new year.

Wyatt always seeks to support, attend, and arrange events around significant cultural days and weeks and this year has been no different. From documentary screenings for staff and Board, to quizzes that our children had the opportunity to engage with, yarns over morning tea and attending official NAIDOC events and the march, it was a busy year.

The 2021 Australian Reconciliation Convention was a highlight and our support of Reconciliation South Australia to deliver education activity grants saw schools from across the state deliver student led initiatives that engaged students, teachers, and families.

The events that we have participated in, and conversations we have been so privileged to have, continue to impact the way that we think and feel about our role in reconciliation. After 135 years of operation as The Wyatt Trust our links to our colonial history are strong, and we continue to assess how our history impacts our future.

This year, we cut ties with the land that Dr William Wyatt purchased on his arrival to the Colonies by moving our office. With a new ground floor space, designed specifically to be inviting and collaborative, we hope to continue to deepen our relationships with all First Nations peoples with a spirit of reciprocity.

We remain incredibly grateful to our dedicated Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group who provide us so generously with their time and insight and are excited about the opportunities 2022 will bring.

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