Inparrila, where meeting together is more than just our name

17 Mar 2022

The doors have opened at 161 Frome Street, the new home for Wyatt.

In Kaurna language, Inparrila translates to ‘meeting place’. And this is the vision we have for our new home, a place where can meet and share this collaborative space with other organisations.

The co-shared space is an opportunity for us to help create a new story for philanthropic foundations, non-profits and social businesses with aligned purpose and values. Inparrila is more than just an office space, it is a place for people and organisations to co-locate, collaborate, and create a South Australian community that values, supports and engages with philanthropy as a critical component of community wellbeing.

Our co-tenants include Foundation SA, Philanthropy Australia, Creative Partnerships Australia, Schools Plus Foundation and Australian Sports Foundation with more joining us in the weeks and months ahead.

The decision to move on from Pirie Street, a building that Wyatt built and once owned, was a result of timing and opportunity. As Wyatt’s work continues to grow, our role in shaping and supporting philanthropy in South Australia has expanded, and quite simply, we had outgrown our office.

We are excited to play a foundational role in the establishment of this collaborative space and we look forward to welcoming our grant partners, colleagues, and friends to Inparrila.

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